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CityWiz has everything you need to relocate your freshers – physically, emotionally and culturally.

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What is CityWiz?

Moving from one city to another for your job? Not sure how to go about it? CityWiz is your one-stop solution for your entire relocation problem. We provide:

Fully Furnished Rentals

Fully furnished houses in locationsshortlisted to your preference and personality along with the complete legal formalities. No brokers: you get what you see.

Curated Amenities

Optional setup with exclusive deals of already tested and verified services of TV Connection, Internet (Wi-Fi), Gas connections, extra furnishing and home appliance based on your preference.

Room-mate Finder

Find, connect and choose your room-mates through our CityConnect feature. We not only shortlist room-mates based on your personality, company and region, but also provide you a secured platform to interact with them.


Our social dashboard helps you stay organized and updated in your social life. Keep track of the internal spending among your room-mates; organize social events within CityWiz circle, collaborate with CityWiz circle to attend your favorite events happening in the city.


Stay updated with the latest events hosted by CityWiz or your peers and featured events by our service partners.


Be a part of the inner circle and have access to the exclusive deals and offers by our service partners at your fingertips based on your profiling and preference. Save money, keep up with the latest updates and promotions, enjoy special privileges.


Use our exclusive pre-loaded card to transact and make purchases within CityWiz and our service partners. Gain award points and reclaim it through our CityPay Card, receive receipts for ITR filing, and statement of all your transactions done through CityPay Dashboard.

How it Works?


Fill in your profile details and receive listing of authentic and pre-verified rentals, room-mates and furnishing amenities according to your profile. Shortlist them better based on our advanced filters that not only includes the usual parameters like budget, type of accommodation and office location; but also on your personal preference and personality. After-all, it’s silly to expect you to find a great locality in a new city based on just their name.


Select the rental that meets your choice of locality, room-mates and furnishing. Schedule a meeting or simply just book the room to confirm your date of move-in. Complete the necessary booking transactions in the payment method of your choice and connect with your room-mates and owners – all through our secured platform in CityWiz. Schedule a CityWiz Introduction meetup to help you create a social circle in the new city.


Feel at ease while you shift to your new life within hours. All you need to do is sign the legal documentations, meet your owner, say hello to your room-mates as per the schedule decided by you, your room-mate and your owner. Our quality inspector will ensure your move-in is as smooth as possible.


Our job doesn’t stop there. We aim to help you lead a lifestyle of your choice in the city by providing our exclusive and unique social lifestyle services through CityConnect, CitySocial and CityAlerts. Our aim is to provide a 5-star hotel experience and more.

Why US?

We are your tribe. We too love travelling, we too love exploring new cities and meeting new people. We too hate the endless cycle of changing houses and all the annoyance that comes with it. That’s why we created this service for people like us. Who else is better at solving our problem than ourselves? If that’s not enough let’s list it.

Unique Profile
Search Engine

We know you cannot decide on the locality or the house without actually staying there for a month. That’s why we have ditched the silly concept of you having to search based on locality (which you have no clue about), and introduced profile match search engine. It means, we match you to the locality whose profile matches your preferences and personality the most. Isn’t that less complicated?

Choose your
House & Room-mate

Most rental services dump you the rentals without any consideration for your preference in terms of room-mates. A home is made by the people living in it, we understand that. That’s why we only show your houses that match your profile not only in terms of locality and facilities, but also room-mate personality.

Create a new

We know how important it is to feel at home in a new city. We also understand that you cannot feel at home unless you have people you can vibe with, by your side. That’s why we have our exclusive CityWiz inner circle facilities that not only help to connect with new people, but also stay upbeat with the latest happenings in the city for you to explore.

Exclusive Inner

Our customers, when they opt to be a part of CityConnect, have exclusive access to deals, promotions and offers from our service partners. We don’t spam, we only update you with services based on your preferences and personality. Use our CityPay card or dashboard to access our offers and gain reward points to obtain more offers and discounts.

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